Sponsorship of a Research Study on Energy (Electricity) Distribution and Consumption in Ajegunle/Abalabi Township, Ogun State

As part of our commitments and support to the society, IBEDC sponsored a research study on electricity Distribution and Consumption in Ajegunle/Abalabi township, Ogun state, Nigeria by Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU). This research study aims at analyzing and evaluating various factors affecting the efficiency and electricity distribution consumption, as well as ventilating issues of revenue and customers relations in Ajegunle/Abalabi township which is relevant to our organization and the electricity industry.

This study on Energy (electricity) distribution and consumption is intended improve the general understanding and appreciation of the complex relationship between the distribution of electricity on one hand and the consumption pattern and demand on the other hand. The outcome of the study is essentially to assist through informed data, empirical information driven decision making process and policy generated through scientific and veritable process. The study thus considers the essential importance attached to electricity distribution and consumption generally in Nigeria. The socio-economic dynamics as well as the level of awareness and conversance or perception of the people are also considered in the study.

General inventory of electricity demand and the distribution capacity are also included in the study which is to be included as strategies for policy intervention for sustainable electricity distribution and consumption in the study area.