For Rural Elec. & Govt. Projects

For the categories of Rural Electrification/Government projects, the following criteria must be strictly observed:

  1. There must be a letter from a rural electrification board/governmental organization indicating the proposed project scope.
  2. Joint site visitation with the IBEDC technical team before the commencement of the project.
  3. All distribution materials and equipment must be purchased from a reputable company.
  4. Old or refurbished transformers and other equipment are not acceptable.
  5. The power transformer of 5MVA and above shall be adequately protected on the primary and secondary sides.
  6. The competence of contractors involved in project execution must be supported by his status as an Electrical Contractor (either Federal Ministry of Power Registered Category 1 or COREN Registered Engineer).
  7. The installation should be in accordance with IBEDC standard specifications. Special attention must be paid to the following;
  8. The aluminum conductor must be of 150mm2 cross-sectional area and AAC type (for primary and secondary distribution lines).
  9. Pre-stressed reinforced concrete pole dug to 1.8m (6ft) depth.
  10. Poles erected in marshy or low-density soil areas must be properly beamed at the base.
  11. Bracket Post Insulator Mount must be used on intermediate pole in place of Cross Arm.
  12. The overhead line conductor must be supported by the Silicon Insulatorin place of the Porcelain type.
  13. The clearance of the HT line from all structures must not be less than 5.5 meters on either side.
  14. Authorized IBEDC personnel should inspect and certify the materials/equipment provided before the commencement of the project.
  15. IBEDC PC&M crew will test the installation and the customer will rectify any detected defect before the commissioning of the project.
  16. All equipment and materials connected to IBEDC Network and energized shall become and remain the Company’s (IBEDC) property.
  17. The LV and HV cables must have at least four meters (4m) loop each.
  18.  In the case of a transformer with outdoor bushings, the transformer plinth must not be lower than 1.2m above the ground level.
  19. The substation must be metal-grill fenced with proper graveling.

For more information on the technical specifications required, kindly view the documents below:

undefined  Distribution Transformer Specification

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