The IBEDC ACE enumeration exercise is the technical audit of our assets and the data capturing of existing and prospective customers. It also involves the identification of developed, undeveloped and vacant properties within our franchise. The pilot exercise will commence in Ibadan- Elebu area over the span of 3 months, June- August 2017. IBEDC has acquired the services of Exernegia -Geotechnics consortium who are charged with the task of carrying out this exercise across the franchise.  The enumerators will constitute indigenes from the local communities trained efficiently for the exercise. These enumerators will work in conjunction with IBEDC officials who will serve as supervisors and project coordinators for their respective Business Hubs.



  1. To enhance the efficiency of our distribution system in terms of quality of power and increase revenue earnings by reducing our Aggregate Technical Commercial & Collection (ATC & C) losses.
  2. To have a comprehensive database of all electricity customers in our franchise. There are approximately 1.3 million registered customers in our database which is far from the true number of electricity users in our network.
  3. To properly audit all and map all asset and infrastructure within the network.


How will this be done?

The ACE exercise is the proper tracking and data collation of all customers under our franchise (authorized and non-registered) using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. A pair of enumeration officers will carry out a field (door to door) survey with smart handheld devices to capture asset details and customer information.


Benefits of Enumeration

  • Reduced estimated billing
  • Improved accuracy of billing
  • Improved quality of power supply and quicker fault response time
  • Identification of obsolete and damaged equipment such as meters, transformers, poles etc. for upgrade and replacement
  • Better power distribution
  • Reduced power interruptions
  • Improved and effective customer service delivery
  • Easy identification of existing customers
  • Proper planning for potential customer expansion
  • Improved payment response rate


Information needed from customers

  1. Personal data such as; customer name, name on the bill, occupant status, tariff category etc.
  2. Classification of property/ accommodation e.g Bungalow, Corridor apartment, duplex etc
  3. Location Date: Name of the street, house number, community area, local government area.
  4. Metering data: Metered or unmetered, prepaid or postpaid meters.
  5. Owned and in use appliances: Irons, ACs, refrigerators, pumping machines, cooker etc.
  6. Mode of bill payment: via ATM, Cash payment, POS, online, cheque
  7. Preferred method to receive bills: home delivery or SMS or via email



  • We appeal to customers to be cooperative and accommodating to the enumerators as the carry out the exercise.
  • The enumeration is free and as such, cash payments for electricity bills or otherwise should not be made to the enumerators.
  • Always request to see an ID card as the mode of identification.
  • Do not solicit or co-opt the enumeration to purchase meters or electricity equipment on your behalf.