The management of IBEDC wishes to unequivocally reiterate that it is fully committed to metering all her customers in the shortest possible time future. As part of this commitment the company has metered over 300,000 Customers across its coverage area. In Ogun state, we have metered about 70,000 customers with over 23,000 metered in the Sango-Ota axis to date.
Metering in the power sector is a nationwide challenge as factors such as the fluctuation and scarcity of foreign exchange, inflation rate among others have slowed down the sincere efforts of DisCos in tackling this issue. IBEDC has tried to balance the challenge by patronizing local manufacturers who unfortunately cannot meet the current demand. This however, has not deterred the company in the drive to metering all customers, as reflected in the total metering of all maximum demand customers.
IBEDC recognizes the grievances of the affected communities which is why several community engagements and meetings have been held to appeal to customers, stakeholders and pressure groups on the situation and the efforts being made in the interim such as the NERC-approved Cluster Billing methodology, used for the computation of estimated bills. The management has decried the protests and boycotts being propagated by groups like Mega Forum and Balanced initiative saying it will not resolve the issues but rather lead to acrimony, hostility that may escalate to violence and the disruption of critical power supply. We are confident that the issues will soon be resolved even as the federal government has recognized the metering challenge and is currently working through the Honorable Minister of Power and works to complement the efforts of DisCos in this area.
In conclusion, on the issue of cancellation of customers accumulated outstanding debts, this cannot be done solely by IBEDC as the company is only a collection agent for a value chain comprising several stakeholders; thus, all parties must jointly take decisions on outstanding debt issues.
The management therefore appeals to the group to be patient and show understanding towards the challenges confronting the distribution companies instead of disrupting IBEDC operations and activities especially in Ota/Sango environs even as they continue to engage the different CDAs & CDCs in the area.