IBEDC Meter Rollout is Free

Dear Customer,

As part of our commitment to deliver quality service, and in compliance with NERC’s regulatory guidelines IBEDC has been distributing meters to our customers throughout our franchise area FREE, except if it was applied for through CAPMI.

The CAPMI Scheme is a NERC approved intervention plan for customers to quickly get a meter.  With CAPMI, you pay for the meter and the cost is refunded to you in the form of credit units over a period of 36 months with interest.

The Meter Rollout scheme is being done in phases, as we cannot get to everybody at the same time.  So if you did not apply for a meter through CAPMI, YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PAY FOR THE METER BROUGHT TO YOU UNDER OUR ROLLOUT SCHEME.

Therefore, if any staff or individual requests for any form of payment, do not pay and immediately report it through our WhistleBlower channels.

Help IBEDC serve you better.