One Year Anniversary Pre-Event

It is with delight that I on behalf of IBEDC welcome you to this August meeting, the pre- event press conference for the celebration of our one year anniversary and in fact ,the takeover of the Electricity Distribution business in Nigeria. It is indeed like a dream that we are here today to chronicle our story thus far, which has some major milestone achievements and to throw some light on the happenings in the budding company. From a humble beginning and having trudged on despite the avalanche of challenges. We are elated about our present records within this period of one year.


Electricity is a driving force in any economy; little wonder the increasing expectations of our customers every day. We are happy to inform you that IBEDC true to our mission “distributing power, changing lives “ is bringing back smiles to the faces of our customers. Hitherto, there existed a huge gap between the energy delivered to us and the energy eventually distributed; this was because the time attached for clearing faults falls far below the 48hrs NERC’s guidelines. But now, our customers are testifying to our quick response on faults clearing. Besides, because of our prompt Market Operator’s payment schedule, the bulk of energy transmitted has improved. It is pertinent to note that as a distribution company, it what is delivered to us that we distribute to our customers.


As members of the media, you will recall the brazen arson that damaged our two 15MVA transformers in our injection substation at Akanran,Olorunsogo in Ibadan. It cost the company over #150 million to rehabilitate the substation..IBEDC could not bear to see our numerous customers in Ona-Ara communities and their environs, remain in darkness due the reckless acts of misguided youths . The event was commissioned by the Senator, Abiola Ajimobi, the executive governor of Oyo State. This gesture of the company vividly displayed its resolve to serve its customers with its best capacities and resources.


IBEDC in its quest to make true its vision of becoming the best electricity distribution company in Nigeria, went into a strategic partner/relationship with the University of Ibadan based on two critical initiatives, namely talent sourcing and development and the second is making the institution the first island in our franchise area that would be guaranteed 24hrs power supply.
IBEDC has also established a healthy, proactive rapport with Oyo State government. Senator Ajimobi has been amiable and supportive. The company’s headquarter is resident in its capital, Ibadan, and as such , an important customer and neighbour like Oyo State government must enjoy our best attention and services. Our ultimate goal however remains to cascade same to all our esteemed customers across our franchise area


IBEDC inherited a staff strength of about 2900 employees from the defunct PHCN . These became the LEGACY staff, the foundation that kick started the Change Journey that brought us to where we are today, and to augment the workforce, the company hired skilful , competent and highly profiled employees to add value to the performance level of its workforce. It is interesting to note that we have changed the civil service and stereotyped mindset and behavior to work. New values, ethics, knowledge, skills and practices have been transcended to our human capital. A rebranded and refocused workforce is being programmed for efficiency and effectiveness in job performance. To institutionalize this modern business orientation, the company has commenced a knowledge sharing series trainings that will acculturate the systematization of knowledge management within the work environment for optimum service delivery. The goal of IBEDC is to be perceived as a destination for career development for both present and prospective employees.


The Media organizations with its gentlemen and ladies, together you make up the fourth estate of the realm, after the Executive, the legislative and the judiciary. Your role in societal growth and development cannot be underestimated. IBEDC recognizes your contribution and influence in the social reality of Nigeria and your capacity to mould public opinions and influence behaviours.

With our one year anniversary in the offing, we are using this platform to launch our new brand identity and personality, a culture premised our core values of EXCELLENCE, INNOVATION, INTEGRITY, DEPENDABILITY, TEAMWORK, DISCIPLINE, PERFORMANCE AND SERVICE.

IBEDC is elated with our strides so far and we are calling on you are friends in the MEDIA to partner with us to take the energy sector to the next level. Thank you.


Fortunato Leynes ,ENGR,