Recruitment Disclaimer!

This is an important notice to the public in view of recently observed increase in fraudulent communications made to members of the public by persons, groups and agencies falsely claiming to be acting on behalf of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC). IBEDC absolutely dissociates itself from this false recruitment campaign and purported offers of employment through the Internet, mobile line or by any other means and hereby wishes to notify the public that:

Where vacancies exist, candidates are normally required to apply online solely through our dedicated secured network on our job website and through no other website. Shortlisted candidates are required to go through a formal selection process, usually within IBEDC official premises.

  • All communication with applicants must come from a verifiable IBEDC email address and not from an Internet address such as Hotmail, yahoo, Gmail or mobile line, etc.
  • IBEDC does not and will not ask for any kind of payment from applicants for jobs or its prospective employees for any reason before, during and after the selection process.
  • Suspicious "employers" or “employment agencies” should be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Individuals who are interested in job opportunities with IBEDC will find open positions listed on the company website when available. Members of the public are hereby notified that any communication offering interviews or immediate employment and requesting payment at any point is fraudulent. Anyone who receives these false communications is strongly advised to either disregard them in their own best interest, or report to appropriate law enforcement agencies.