Sequel to above captioned letter sent to the Editor and published on Friday, October 23rd 2015 on page 20 of the Punch, the management of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) wishes to give clarification on the allegations made by Mr Ayokunle Ayk Adeleye from Sagamu in the referenced letter.

Firstly, the writer Mr Adeleye, though a direct customer of IBEDC introduced himself as an Activist when he came to the office of the Business Hub Commercial Manager on Wednesday, 21st October to propose what he called “Zero Billing Policy” as an idea to resolve estimated billing to customers. He came with several customers’ bills that he is representing and wants to resolve their billing issues viz a viz estimated billing etc.

According to him, the idea about the zero billing is that the customers who have been on estimated billing for a period of time should be given zero consumption on monthly basis until the meter appreciates to the tune of estimated billing.

In response to the complaint of Mr Adeleye, it should be known that the present estimation application is a result of using a scientific methodology – Actual Cluster Average Methodology (ACAM) which is approved by NERC. This special estimation is also a relief to customers on Direct Connection who may be billed more than their metered counterparts who consume the same amount of energy.

IBEDC hereby urges any customer with a meter but is being billed by estimation to come to any IBEDC office to lodge the complaint at the Customer Care Unit, preferably with a written letter of complaint to the Business Hub Commercial Manager who will investigate. Thereafter, a CRMD (Customer Record Maintenance Document) and a CAAD (Customer Account Adjustment Document) will be raised after ascertaining the facts. Finally, an auditor will then check the customer’s credit adjustment on his or her bills. We do not resort to unorthodox ways to resolve the issue of estimated billing and being a corporate organization there are clear procedures/guidelines that govern our business as monitored by the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC). Therefore, we cannot arbitrarily take decisions.

We advised Mr Adelelye as a passionate activist on the need to be thoroughly informed on the regulatory policies as spelt out by NERC that govern the DISCOs in relating with customers. The discussion held with him ended amicably as there was no issue of arrogance by our staff to the customer. We appreciate his passion and ideals, but his zero billing policy will not be a suitable method against fraudulent acts and as such IBEDC with a zero –tolerance for corruption cannot implement this. However as customer centric organization we have reached out to Mr Adeleye as our esteemed customer with a view to resolving his issues.

The Management of IBEDC will like to clarify that the company is a privatized entity committed to superior customer service; we encourage any of our customers who might be having any complaints to contact us through our customer care line on 09039000065 or visit our website at­. You can also reach us via email, social media or even through our whistle blowing channels.