Welcome to a new day! No more fixed charges

The power is now in your hands, better days are here!

With the removal of fixed charges from your electricity tariff, the energy you pay for now depends solely on your consumption. This slight increase in tariff, doesn't necessarily mean you would pay more than you currently are, depending on how you manage your energy consumption. Your electricity bill is still cheaper than the cost of running on generators with petrol and diesel. A support for the new tariff is a support for better electricity supply to you.

Benefits of New Tariff:

  • To Serve You Better: Because the tariff rates have been adjusted according to the market price, which accommodates our cost of operations enabling us to deliver more quality service.
  • Improved Power Supply & Better Customer Service: Through increased investment in our distribution network and an overhauled customer support system to properly service your complaints/enquiries.
  • Massive Metering & Meter Roll Out: We are metering thousands of customers this year alone, reducing the need to estimate your bills.
  • Efficient Billing: We are also providing a more efficient billing system. Customer complaints on “crazy billing” would soon be a thing of the past.
  • Upgraded Network Infrastructure: We are aggressively strengthening our distribution network while expanding to new areas.


You can follow some of these tips to manage your electricity consumption and keep your bill low.

Don't leave your appliances on standby, always switch off from the mains

Use energy saving bulbs only

Repair wiring faults immediately

Switch off all appliances when not in use or when leaving your home.


Click to see the new tariff rates.