The management of Ibadan electricity distribution company in response to a report published by the Punch Newspaper on the 11th of October 2019 wish to state that IBEDC is a responsible and customer-centric company who would not deliberately disconnect its esteemed customers. Based on the huge revenue loss noticed, IBEDC conducted an energy audit of  Ajibode, Laniba, Apete and environs and it was discovered that there were a lot of illegally acquired meters, these are meters not procured through IBEDC or meters that have become obsolete and phased out by IBEDC. Hence the customers were not vending or when they did, the money was not going into IBEDC's coffers, but to the miscreants persons that procured the meters for these customers.

As a result of the foregoing they were notified on the need to replace the illegally acquired meters and that they have to pay loss of revenue.

 The residents of Ajibode reacted by assaulting and beaten up IBEDC staff servicing the area and went ahead to shut down our office. Thereafter the matter was reported to the police for further investigation.

In the interim IBEDC decided to meet with the leaders and representatives from the affected communities at the Headquarters in Ibadan on Wednesday 9th of October, the two parties then agreed  to the  following :

               1.            The community leaders are to conduct a comprehensive audit and submit the list of all customers under their various communities that are connected to IBEDC.

               2.            All the illegally acquired meters would be withdrawn

               3.            The affected customers will need to embrace the Meter Asset provider Scheme (MAP), which is the only legal and approved route to get metered

               4.            The safety of our staff must be guaranteed

               5.           They would allow us to re-open our office at Ajibode.

Apete and other communities agreed to comply with these decisions, resulting in IBEDC restoring power to them. However the  Ajibode community refused to comply, still threatened to beat up our staff, and insisted that our office must remain shut down. Due to their refusal to comply with the decisions taken at the meeting, we cannot restore power, as we cannot afford to jeopardise the lives of our staff and infrastructure.

IBEDC is willing and available to further engage with the Ajibode community leaders for an amicable resolution.