The management of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) at its bi-annual media conference held at its head office unveiled to the media the recent massive investment it had made in infrastructures.

Speaking to the media personnel at the event, the Chief Operating Officer, Engr John Ayodele informed the meeting that IBEDC has invested over 11 Billion Naira for the purchase and installation of over 10,000 DT meters, transformers of different capacities, the provision of the state-of-the-art control room panels, and other equipment necessary for optimum service delivery. He also said, the company has purchased over 10,000 residential meters to offset the backlog of CAPMI and ICAP subscribers.

Speaking further, he said in addition to the over 11 Billion Naira investment, the company has launched its Assets and Customer Enumeration (ACE) exercise to help ascertain the number of its electricity consumers, know the infrastructural challenges and position the company for effective business performance. The ACE project he said has costed the company whopping 5 Billion Naira.

Mr Iranola Ayodeji, the Chief Business Transformation and Strategy Officer at the media conference said the ACE project will, through the information obtained from the exercise reduce estimated billing, improve billing accuracy, enhance quality of power supply and quicker fault response time, identify obsolete and damage equipment such as meter, transformer, poles and other equipment for upgrade and replacement, reduce power interruption, provide better power distribution, improve and generate efficient customer identification, ensure proper planning for potential customer expansion, improve payment response rate and overall business improvement and customer satisfaction.

As part of the media conference, the management team took a tour of one of the newly installed power enhancement panel with a statistical meter on a 500KVA Raymond Zard transformer at Iyaganku, Ibadan. Also, they visited the 1x15MVA 33/11KVA injection substation at Ibadan North, Ojoo.  These visits included that of the newly rehabilitated state-of-the-art control room at the same location. The team and the entourage were also at the central store at Eleyele, Ibadan where new equipment such as statistical meters, 100KVA transformers, concrete poles and residential meters were delivered for deployment across the franchise.

The media conference was meant to keep the valued customers and stakeholders abreast of the business initiatives of the company.