On Friday 7th December 2018, Osun Region achieved a milestone of 365 days LTI-free translating to 1.6 Million Safe Man-hours. This means that the region had no time lost to injury with staff and the public in 365 days.
To put this in context, the region had in the past recorded a high number of serious injuries in which victims were mostly members of the public. In 2016, there were 7 fatalities involving one staff and six members of the public. A lot of effort was expended following the staff fatality report which compelled the Regional Team - Regional Managers, HSE, Regional Communication Officer and the Human Resource officers to embark on intensive safety campaign across the region.
The Regional Technical Manager- Engr. Akin Abiodun in one of the induction programs, “Safety must come first and I believe there is no reason why we can't have an injury-free workplace”. This mindset was instrumental in this safety achievement.
This feat was achieved through:
1. Strong and visible leadership by the Regional and Hub Management
2. Collective and individual ownership
3. Active participation in the monthly safety meeting
4. Strategic community safety education/awareness
5, Training and re-training
6. Regular inspection and monitoring.