Do You Know

  • Connection of cables through the ceiling is illegal and dangerous. It can cause fire outbreak at any time, naked wire laying on wet walls or metal surfaces can lead to electrocution.
  • Storey buildings, apartment blocks must have separate service wires for each floor of the building/flat.
  • Single-phase connection should have two wires: a black or red 'live' wire, a blue 'neutral' wire. Three-phase customers are entitled to four wires: three phases and a neutral. Any other connection aside these specifications is illegal.
  • Using nails through wires on the face board is hazardous and illegal.
  • All connections must be done through the meter outgoing cable.
  • Connection to the meter incoming cable or terminal is illegal.
  • IBEDC officials have the right to routine check of meters as when required.
  • Meters must be installed at an accessible location for IBEDC officials.