Stay Safe From Electrical Accidents During The Rainy Season

Safety Tips

  1. Avoid fallen electricity poles or power lines in contact with water.
  2. Do no stay beside or under electrical installations during a storm.
  3. Stay away from metals during lightening.
  4. Do not use electrical appliances that are wet.
  5. Avoid the usage of electrical gadgets during a storm.
  6. Do not seek refuge in any structure under power lines during rainfall or strong wind.
  7. Do not lift any low-lying or downed power lines as they may still be energized.
  8. Get a safe place to park your vehicle when there is a heavy downpour.
  9. Do not drive over fallen power lines.
  10. Never touch or go close to any vandalized electrical installation.
  11. Do not attempt to free somebody who is in contact with an electrical power line or equipment; if untrained, alert IBEDC or the Fire Brigade for help.
  12. Use an earth leakage circuit breaker to help prevent electrical accidents and damage to properties.
  13. Do not attempt to move a fallen power line by using another object such as broom or stick as these non-conductive materials can conduct electricity when wet.
  14. Do not jump over, go under or touch snapped or saggy wires as they might be energized.
  15. Do not climb trees that are close to electrical installations.
  16. Do not attempt to raise fallen poles or support structures.

Remember; Safety First, Safety Always