What is NMMP?

The National Mass Metering Programme is an initiative of the Federal Government and Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos), in collaboration with the local Meter Manufacturers, to provide smart prepaid meters to all unmetered customers.

What is the objective of NMMP?

The objective of NMMP is to accelerate metering in the country and eliminate estimated billing. It aims to close the existing metering gaps estimated at 6.5 million customers by the Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) over the next 24-39 months. This initial phase entails the immediate deployment of one million meters across the country.

How many meters will IBEDC deploy in the initial phase?

IBEDC will be installing 104,000 prepaid meters in the first phase across its franchise area.

How do I get metered under NMMP?

Customers on estimated billing across IBEDC franchise shall be metered in phases. Locations and time of installation shall be communicated at least 2 days before commencement.

Do I need to register for the metering programme?

You are not required to register or visit any of our offices to be metered unless you have not been captured as an IBEDC customer.