Public & Community Safety


Switch off your TV set when no one is watching a broadcast.

Make sure your TV set is in good condition. When it does not operate efficiently, it requires more electricity which you pay for but did not use.

If possible, limit viewing to your favorite programs.

Defrost your refrigerator regularly. Frost acts as an insulating blanket which causes the motor to work overtime, resulting in more electric energy used.,

Check your refrigerator door gaskets for leaks. A worn-out gasket can cause the motor to work longer to maintain desired temperature.

Place your refrigerator in the coolest side of the room. The best is usually on the northern part, away from the morning and afternoon sun.

Cool foods to room temperature before storing in refrigerator.

Don't overcrowd the refrigerator. This interferes with the circulation of air and overworks the compressor to maintain cold temperature.

Remove store wrappings from foods before putting them in the refrigerator; paper acts as insulation.

Avoid unnecessary opening of refrigerator.

Keep cooling fins and coils of refrigerators clean and dust-free.

Shut off your electric fan when not in use. -If feasible, set the fan at low.

Lock the oscillator when fan is needed only by one or two persons. This way the air is blown directly without having to wait for the fan to revolve completely towards the users.

In dampening clothes to be ironed, apply proper amount of water. Excessive moisture results in more electric energy used.

Disconnect electric flat iron during the last few minutes of the ironing work; the flat iron is still hot enough to finish the work.

Install your water heater as close as possible to the places where its use is greatest to eliminate long pipe runs. All the hot water left in the pipes when you turn off the faucet is wasted.

Turn off hot water faucets after use.

Repair leaky hot water faucets. One drop per second adds up to about 200 gallons per month.

Shower uses considerably less hot water than a bathtub, and you get just as clean.

Conserve water. During summer months, borehole pumps usually operate longer, hence more electrical power is used. This is because water level is lower during summer than during rainy months; for the same amount of water the pump has to work longer.

Defective appliances should be repaired immediately. Defective appliances usually have to work longer and thus use more electricity. For example, a refrigerator with defective insulation or worn-out seal can cause frost to build up on the refrigeration unit, making your refrigerator motor run more frequently.

Emergency & Hotlines

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